A1 Components is a family run business based in Darlington, North East England. We buy all kinds of scrap metal, ferrous or not, as well as all vehicles and vehicle components. We've been in the business over 20 years and have some of the best contacts paying the highest possible prices. This means we're able to pay you the very best prices possible. You will not find a better price, either online or off. 

What do we buy?

catalytic converters darlington

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters contain valuable precious metals meaning they can be worth more than the actual vehicle! The precious metals they contain are used to filter out particulates left over from the combustion process. These particulates can be harmful to the environment.


Batteries contain lead which is a valuable heavy metal. We process batteries whether they're working or not in order to remove the lead and recycle it. Car batteries should always be disposed of using a licensed disposale provider which we are. Never throw an old battery in the bin as they can be incredibly harmful to the environment should any fluids leak.

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are made from aluminium. Scrap alloys are melted down and used in the process of making new aluminium. Give your old alloy wheels a new lease of life. We buy alloy wheels regardless of age or condition and pay the very best possible price.

Cars & all other vehicles

We buy all vehicles regardless of condition. Non runners, end of life vehicles, MOT failures, scrap, crash damaged, you name it, we buy it. Cars, vans, lorrys, trucks, bikes, engines, gearboxes, all bought with free same day collection right across the North East and North Yorkshire. Top cash prices paid get in touch now with whatever vehicle you have!

All other vehicle components

We buy all vehicle components. Brake discs, steering racks, gear boxes, engines, alloy wheels, batteries, pumps, alternators, DPF, EGR, starter motors, turbos, catalytic converters and anything else made from metal! We collect for free in Darlington, the North East and North Yorkshire.